A lot of the time the reason why we don’t turn to coaching is simply because we are not aware of the benefits. We do not understand how coaching could possibly fix our issues. Many people say to me “How would talking about my problems help?”. I hear you. I can’t believe it either sometimes. Hundreds of the lives of my clients have dramatically improved after taking a couple of sessions. Not to mention, now there is an abundance of research proving that your feelings dictate your thoughts and behaviour and so understanding your emotions via coaching has proven to improve productivity by up 88 percent. It has also proven to improve self confidence by 80 percent and work performance by 70 percent (this study was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers). People like Bill Clinton, LA Kings and many other successful people have used a coach to improve their lives. Coaching can help you too but only if you have the courage to try it:)

In individual coaching sessions I make sure I provide you with a safe space for you to share what you are personally struggling with. We work together to acknowledge and identify what is going on in your life, sometimes it becomes difficult to see how to help yourself, discussing it with a professional who deeply cares about your well being and who is trained to guide you can make a dramatic difference in how you live your life. A coach is somebody who is not better than you, a coach is an equal but someone who cares about your personal growth deeply but who is also trained professionally to  you.

Here are some benefits of coaching:

        • Letting go of the pain that you have been carrying around with you for years which is preventing you from the life you want to live
        • Improving your communications skills so you can develop better relationships with your partner/family members or co workers etc
        • Breaking free of those conflicting thoughts of feeling “not good enough” or “too good”
        • Identify your values and the fears that are holding you back
        • Explore authenticity, courage and connection
        • Quieten your inner critic
        • Cultivate deeper connection with yourself and others.
        • Explore vulnerability, self compassion and self acceptance


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