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Hi I'm Janey

Hi, my name is Janey, nice to meet you!
I specialise in coaching professional women between the ages of 22 and 45. I have coached physicians, teachers, mothers, Episcopalian priests and students.

Women usually come to me overstressed and overworked by their current lifestyles. I help them re-energize and refocus by getting them to define their personal values, goals and hopes in life. I mainly close the gap between where they and where they want to be.
I also have a Youtube channel called Janey Imaani - Emotional Awareness. In each episode I break down a concept that impacts our daily lives in short easy to understand steps so it’s easy for you to follow and learn.
More About Me

What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

  • Two years ago, I was struggling both personally and professionally in my life, and I wasn’t sure how to move forward in a healthy and positive way. I started meeting with Imaani, and I can honestly say that working with her changed my life! During our one on one sessions, Imaani created a safe space where I could talk to her about anything.

  • I didn't know what to expect from the Daring Way workshop. I was unfamiliar with the author and her book. However, in the first session I quickly saw how the data-driven method she used to reach insights about ourselves was very valuable. The class helped me to put names to feelings and perceptions that I didn't know were ruling my actions. It was a personal and meaningful session, and Janey Imaani's passion and experience with the material helped us all achieve better understandings of ourselves. I'm really glad I took the class.

    Tobi Provost Moriarty
  • I went to this workshop with my boyfriend at the time (we are now married) and it TRULY helped us in ways we that we could never imagine. Thinking that we already knew everything that there was to know about one another, we were very surprised by how deep we delved from even the simplest questions we asked each other. I would say, that it was not always easy, because this workshop basically asks you to open up in many ways. Emotions came out from pretty much everyone. Janey Imaani was like our workshop Mamma and made sure that everyone felt comfortable enough to speak, not speak, or basically feel comfortable in every choice we all made in the workshop. I would recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE! We often forget about self-care and this was basically my “self-care” present to myself.

    Karima Elkhatib and Jameel Kurabi

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